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     Who am I?  It is one of, if not the foundational question of the ages and ironically, in our age of information and rapid communication with so many choices available, it's become much more difficult to answer. 

     Identity Life Coaching helps individuals and couples answer this fundamental question and then create a plan that they can execute to manifest their true self in the world.

     Whether you have never answered the question, or thought you had already done so and then lost the answer, Identity Life Coaching is here to help.  We will work together to discover and create your foundational identity (a sense of self you have yet to establish and own) or navigate a transitional identity crisis caused by a change in life or relationships (divorce, job loss, moving, death of a loved one, returning from a mission, leaving the military, empty nest or retirement, just to name a few).  Any of these changes in life can lead us to ask the question "Who am I now?"

     And who am I?  My name is Alan Downing, I have been facilitating life coaching in person and over the phone and internet for over 10 years .  In the process I have come to understand the fundamental importance of knowing one's identity -  "Who am I?" before embarking on the quest toward one's purpose - "Where am I going?" or choosing one's partner(s) on the journey - "With whom will I go there?"

     And while it is preferable to answer those three questions in that order, most of us don't.  As a result, Identity Coaching allows the individual to discover the missing pieces and build upon the life they have already lived leading to a more grounded and meaningful reality.

     In addition I offer Grief Recovery Coaching utilizing the Grief Recovery Method.  Loss is often an obstacle to discovering the self we are or want to be.  As long as we remain stuck in unresolved grief, we will not connect to our true self.  The Grief Recovery Method is specifically designed to transform loss into a new sense of self and purpose; by building upon the loss rather than trying to eliminate it.

     So, if you are intrigued by the idea of discovering or rediscovering yourself and thus liberate yourself from your current place of dissatisfaction or crisis, then please contact me for a complementary Identity Discovery Session to explore the possibilities.


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